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Coagulation function

People-oriented corporate culture, the respect people's feelings, thus in the enterprise caused a kind of unity friendliness, harmonious atmosphere of mutual trust, strengthen the group consciousness, make the enterprise worker is formed between the strong cohesion and centripetal force. Common values to form the common goals and ideals, the worker put the enterprise as a destiny community, to work as an important part of achieving common goals, in tune the entire enterprise, form a unified whole. At this time, "factory xing rong, I factory failure I shame" become a worker from the heart sincere emotion, "love factory home inns" will become their action.

Incentive function

Common values to make every employee feel the value of existence and behavior, the realization of self value is the highest spiritual needs of people of a kind of meet, this meet will form a powerful incentive. In people-oriented enterprise culture atmosphere, leaders and employees, between employees and employees care about each other, support each other. Especially leading concern for employees, employees feel respected, will cheer up, work hard. In addition, the spirit of enterprise and the enterprise image has great encouragement function of enterprise employees, especially the success of enterprise culture construction, influence in the society, the enterprise employees will have a strong sense of honor and pride, they would redouble efforts to use own practical action to maintain the honor and image of the enterprise.

Adjustment function

Adjustment is the adjustment and adaptation. Enterprise between various departments, staff, due to various reasons will inevitably produce some contradictions, solve these contradictions need to self adjusting their respective; Enterprise and environment, with customers, and enterprises, and state, and society will exist between coordination, adaptation, it also needs to adjust and adapt. Corporate philosophy and ethics make the enterprise managers and ordinary employees can deal with these contradictions scientifically, consciously discipline yourself. Perfect the enterprise image is the outcome of do these adjustment. Adjustment function of the actual and active part of a performance.

Radiation function

Enterprise culture is related to the public image of the enterprise, the public attitude, public opinion and brand reputation. Corporate culture is not only play a role in a business, affect the enterprise staff, it can also through the media, public relations activities, etc. Various channels to influence society, radiation to the whole society. The spread of corporate culture is of great help to set up the enterprise image among the public, excellent enterprise culture have great influence on the development of society and culture.